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Louisiana Renaissance Festival
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Louisiana Renaissance Festival
is a Theme Park, a Theatre, Holiday Shopping, and an Educational Experience.
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10:00 AM April 12th at the RenFest site.

Open to everyone, great for families.

Harmonies 4 Heroes, May 17th & 18th
Armed Forces Day, Music Festival
Click Here for more info on H4H

2014 Dates for LA-RenFest are:
Nov 1,2,8,9,15,16,22,23,28,29,30, Dec 6,7


The real reason for enjoying the Renaissance Festival is the way it makes you feel.
Each of us experience the faire little different, Some of the ways it makes us feel is like a:
Lady, Knight, Noble, Royal, King, Queen, Wench, Pirate, Sword-fighter,
Juggler, Jester, Happy, Excited.

Actual Videos from the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.

Videos on YouTube

One video is a news story, the other was shot by a fan.

Actual Jousting happens at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival!

Click Here to search the internet for hundreds of videos about the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.

"Sometimes" Its the little things like chivalry that make a lady feel like a "Princess."

Use of the "Big Bang" video is a Courtesy of CBS

HTML-5 Videos

Knights suit up for the Joust, in fifteen second ad from 2009.

The unscheduled "Closing Gate Jamb" is fun for Adults and Kids.

Old TV Ads from 2011 and circa 2001

Clike to download a larger news video about the La RenFest 720x480 (147mb)

Radio Advertising
General 30

General 15

Pirate Weekend Nov 2-3

Heros Weekend Nov 9-10

Celtic Weekend Nov 16-17 (pending)

Romance Weekend Nov 22-24

Mask Weekend Nov 29,30-Dec 1

FireWorks Finale Dec 2-8

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