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Elwood’s Story:  Elwood is a captive-bred gyr/peregrine hybrid.  His father is a black phase gyrfalcon whom has been an excellent hunter.  His mother is a Aleutian Peale’s Peregrine from the Aleutian Islands. Considered the largest peregrines in the world.  His prior falconer hunted with him and Elwood is an excellent hunter but developed health issues.   He suffers from epileptic type seizures when flying at high velocity.   This makes him highly vulnerable to piracy and predation by other predators; such as eagles, great-horned owls and red-tailed hawks. We consulted with the top raptor veterinarians in the world.  It has been found that selenium in his diet is required to prevent these seizures.  Since we have added supplements to his diet, he has not suffered one seizure.  We are happy that he is now back flying.  We surround his perch with bath pans that we call “The Moat”.    He is a high- energy bird and we prevent excessive jumping around by using this traditional operant conditioning technique.