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Paolo Garbanzo

Paul Hudert has performed for crowds all over the US and Europe. He's been a member of The Flying Karamazov Brothers and was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Juggling Association. He was also the 2007-2008 winner of The International Jester Competition, making him an official Jester of Muncaster Castle, as well as the first American in history to be an offical jester of an English castle!

Accipiter Enterprises

Accipiter Enterprises -- Educational Birds of Prey
The message of conservation through birds of prey since 1989​
Kitty has always loved nature and animals, and in 1974 became a falconer in Maryland. In 1981, she began sharing her message of appreciation for the natural world through birds of prey and the fascination they inspire. She made it her full-time business in 1989, a vocation she continues to this day.

Willy Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is also known as the "Immortal Bard" because his stories have become timeless and have been popular ever since he wrote them. Long after his death, they are frequently performed year after decade, after centuries. One of the things often misunderstood by modern audiences is that Master Shakespeare would adapt his shows to match the audience, so they could be entertained to the maximum.

Whiskey Bay Rovers

The Whiskey Bay Rovers are Louisiana's first and only pirate band. Specializing in drinking songs, sea chanteys, ballads, and pub songs, the Rovers bring their mixed musical backgrounds to the stage in an effort to preserve the songs of a bygone era, bringing new ones to life as well as often putting a new spin on the old ones. Employing many a cappella arrangements with up to six part harmonies while using instrumental accompaniment of guitar, penny whistles, drums, and recorder on others, the Whiskey Bay Rovers provide a variety of song styles to quench your thirst for the sea.

The Duelists

The Duelists match wit & witticism, combat & comedy for a completely original and comedic take on dueling and swordsmanship. Using a variety of weapons—rapiers, daggers, sword and shield, axes, the halberd, mace, flail and more.
Despite their fun loving and sometimes comical demeanor the Duelists are quite knowledgable about dueling and weaponry of the era. Feel free to stay after the show to meet the duo, pose for a photo, or to ask questions about weaponry and swordplay of the Renaissance era.

Ordo Procinctus

The Ordo is a competitive, full contact, medieval fighting club. Our name, "Ordo Procinctus" is Latin - meaning "the Order of the Battle Ready." We study combat arts within a system that is as realistic as possible allowing for reasonable safety. Chivalry sport is a competitive, unchoreographed ring sport where each combatant is trying to earn victory.

The Bilge Pumps

The Bilge Pumps are a pirate music and comedy group based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area who have performed at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival since its first year in 2000.
These pirates have been in demand all over the country for their entertainingly goofy stage antics, their well blended voices, and their musical skill as they take everyone's favorite nautical and Celtic music and put their own particular spin on each one.

Kilted Kings

Kilted Kings feature Marc Gunn on autoharp and vocals and Randy Wothke on percussion. It’s kilted Celtic music with driving rhythms and tunes, upbeat songs and heart-wrenching ballads.

Lords of Adventure

Jack Bold and Roger Awesome are the Lords of Adventure. These two identical twin brothers perform their token “two-man comedy sword fighting show that you can see any day of the RenFest. They will delight you with comedy sword fighting and life lessons that are fun for the whole family.

Knotty Nauticals

Knotty Nauticals - Death Defying Rope Walking and Side Splitting Humor!

Join this nautical duo on this whirlwind adventure of danger and stupidity! Get roped into this amazing show, full of comedy, crowd interaction, silly sailor stunts, and the ever popular "Rope Of Death!"

Andrew McKee

A teller of stories, a weaver of dreams. Player of music, singer of songs. Knows a little bit of magic and a trick or two. Knows the proper way to meet a Dragon, do you?

Albright Players

The Albright Players are members of our volunteer cast, that help make up the interactive and educational components of the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. They meet one day a month all year long for fun and training, its why we have the most interactive local cast. If you are interested in joining next years cast (starting in March) simply click here to sign up here and we will remind you.

Mark Haller

Master Glassblower Mark Haller is the most entertaining glassblower we have ever seen.  See and hear how glassblowing is done.  Questions are encouraged Mark will answer all the questions that time will allow. 

Christophe the Insultor

Christophe the Insultor, describes himself as an Archbastard. He makes a living insulting people for money. His show is inside a Pub, it is for adults, not children, not those mature for their age. It is a professional insult show. So bring your boss, bring your friends, and especially your "frienemies." Let Christophe lift the heavy words for you, and give them the justice they deserve. NOTE: this form of comedy is hilarious to the spectators and the one being insulted.

Queen Elizabeth I

Her majesty Queen Elizabeth I is on holiday and visiting our Village of Albright. Catch her in the parade, feel free to join the parade and follow her to the Joust tournament. Once a day she also bestows Knighthoods, and Ladyships to those deserving.

Our very own "Queen Elizabeth I of the Louisiana Renaissance Festival," earned second place in the new national awards for Renaissance Festival Performers. Huzzah to her for earning this award, through her monarchy over the RenFest.

Lord High Sheriff Winston Payne

As Lord High Sheriff, Sir Winston Payne is her Majesty's chief tax collector, which does not make him a popular man. This is something that the Sheriff has chosen to revel in, deciding that it is better to be feared than loved. Whether it's a merchant who needs to be squeezed for that last bit of tax money or a puppy that needs kicking, Sir Winston Payne is the man for the job. Gladly. On behalf of her Majesty, of course.

Robin Hood Presents

Join Robin Hood and Maid Marian as they regale you with tales from Sherwood! Members of the audience will become the stars of their stories and play heroes, villains, and maidens fair while the rest of the audience provides the soundtrack!

Mark Haller

Mark Haller is a celebrated artist who has been working with off-hand blown glass for over twenty-five years. His creations are evocative, having been inspired by nature, theoretical mathematics and his own meaningful relationships. Mark invites you to learn more about this fascinating and versatile material we are all still discovering.

Ye Ole Surprise

You never know who might show up to perform at 5:00pm in the Paradox Pair-O-Docks Pub.  Come have a closing toast, roast, or relax before departing the best festival in history.