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Joust Arena

Our largest stage can hold more than 5,000 people, several places to eat, the aviary, more than a dozen merchant booths, and an entire jousting tournament at the same time. It is also where we have sheep hearding, and falconry demonstrations.

Washing Well Stage

Built specifically for the Washing Well Wenches, this stage is also used by hardy performers who don't mind laundry, wet boards and proxemity to a big tub of water.  It is located across from the Joust Field, and near shopping, food and drink.

Queen Stage

This stage is located near our largest food court. All of the shows on this stage are all headliners well suited and entertaining for all ages. Its a great place to eat lunch and catch a great show, with your entire family.


The Peninsula is a piece of land that juts out into our lake. Many weddings have taken place on this central feature of our faire, as well as other special events. When it is not reserved, feel free to relax there, and enjoy the view!

Ordo Stage

This fighting ring was built specifically for the fight club Ordo Procintus. Occasionally we schedule other performers in the ring, between the hand to hand combat competitions.

Glassblowing Stage

Located where Village Commons becomes Warhorse Way, this stage is a studio for master glassblower Mark Haller, and where he gives his popular demonstrations of the art of handblowing glass four times daily.