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High Garden Stage

Events at the High Garden Stage

  • Sat Nov 4th 11:00am
  • Sat Nov 11th 12:00pm
  • Sat Nov 18th 12:00pm
  • Fri Nov 24th 12:00pm
  • Sat Nov 25th 12:00pm
  • Sat Dec 2nd 12:00pm
  • Sat Dec 9th 12:00pm
  • Sat Nov 4th 12:00pm
  • Sat Nov 11th 1:00pm
  • Sat Nov 18th 1:00pm
  • Sat Nov 25th 1:00pm
  • Sat Dec 2nd 1:00pm
  • Sat Dec 9th 1:00pm
  • Sat Nov 4th 2:30pm
  • Sat Nov 11th 3:30pm
  • Sun Nov 12th 3:30pm
  • Sat Nov 18th 3:30pm
  • Sun Nov 19th 3:30pm
  • Sat Nov 25th 3:30pm
  • Sun Nov 26th 3:30pm
  • Sat Dec 2nd 3:30pm
  • Sun Dec 3rd 3:30pm
  • Sat Dec 9th 3:30pm
  • Sat Nov 4th 1:00pm
  • Sat Nov 11th 2:00pm
  • Sat Nov 18th 2:00pm
  • Sat Nov 25th 2:00pm
  • Sat Dec 2nd 2:00pm
  • Sat Dec 9th 2:00pm
  • Sun Nov 12th 1:00pm
  • Sun Nov 19th 1:00pm
  • Sun Nov 26th 1:00pm
  • Sun Dec 3rd 1:00pm

Located on the Hill Road near the Forest Glen, the High Garden Stage is used for Beer and Whisky Shows on Saturdays, and special entertainment on Sundays.