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Wedding, Hand-Fasting, Vow Renewal, Your Special Day

Weddings on the peninsula are uniquely in the middle of the RenFest lake.

We have many requests to perform hand-fastings, weddings, and vow renewals. The Louisiana Renaissance Festival wants to help you enjoy your special day in our one-of-a-kind location. Ceremonies are both separate and center-stage on our peninsula, extending into the lake and circled by the faire.

Bring your own food, musicians, caterers, and equipment; or allow us to connect you with people on site who can help. You can often set up the day before, taking some pressure off of your big day. We are open nearly two dozen days, each year. To reserve your day with us, download and fill out the agreement, send it and the deposit to P.O Box 220, Robert LA 70455-0220. If you have any questions not answered on the agreement, please contact us at

Rental of the peninsula, on- or off-season, is $800; on a faire day guests are given group rates to enter the park. Off-season, guests enter the park free of charge.