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Can I bring my pet? = no

Can I bring my animal to the Renaissance Festival?


Legitimately certified service animals are welcome, and appreciated; However: the presence of a dog in the joust arena could be “disruptive” to the falconry show, or near the aviary would cause the animals on display to “behave aggressively or become agitated.” The ADA Title III Sec.36.302-303 & 309 allows for these exemptions to service animal access.  Basically dogs are NOT allowed to approach the Aviary, they could unintentionally threaten the raptors, including any endangered species present. Even licensed service animals are not allowed to approach confined/tethered raptors that are licensed by the federal government (it can cause the animals to harm themselves, as they try to escape, the historically carnivorous animal).

To make it simple for everyone we request those watching the falconry show with any animal stay near the gravel road during the falconry demonstration.  This is both a safe distance for the birds and allows full view of the birds in flight. Most raptors/birds will naturally fear large dogs and may see little ones as food. We request service animals avoid the raptor display/aviary at all times, for the safety of our raptors and the service animal.  We will accommodate those with a service animal to view the raptor display without their animal (if you are in need of additional assistance for any reason, please notify first aid, security, or any drink booth of your needs).

Note: Small falcons don't fly near big dogs. All of our raptors are very fast carnivores, and they see little animals as food.  Anything smaller than 30 pounds may be seen as food by these extremely fast raptors/carnivores.