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School Field Trips?

Does the RenFest have Field Trips?

Schools, Parents, and Students are welcome anytime we are open. In 2002 we relented to the relentless requests to provide a field trip opportunity for teachers and students. Every year since we have a few weekdays set aside for field trips. These "Student Days" are similar to our regular festival with modifications to improve the educational experience. Student Days are open to the week, specifically for Teachers and Students (including home schools). We open and close student days based on the time most schools open and close. We adopt the standard rules you expect to find at any school (no smoking etc). We also have also have additional guides and projects available for parents and teachers, to make the most of our educational content. For more information about school days click here.

RenFest "Student Days" are always between the second and third Saturday of November, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.